Oil - Boon or Bane?

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#3: 09.01.2009 00:44 vaportrail
@johnmorrison9 (#2)
Mr. hohnmorrison9, just testing the tradesignal page, first time
caller on this blog.
My opinion :it is time to use a friendlier energy source.
hydrogen derive electricity or of course a safe form of fusion
and of course a synthetic lubricant instead of oil. It is time to
use a different form of quantitative energy that is not
dinosaur or horsepower rated.
#2: 06.10.2008 13:52 johnmorrison9
This is a fire sale, and when the hedgies and lemmings run out, then we will see a pullback.
#1: 16.09.2008 14:38 TSO Support