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kann auch fertig sein bei 7,101 (mathematischer Wert)

keine Ahnung also ...
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"The biggest dividend story in 2017 will be whether the government finally manages to force Gazprom to pay out 50% of its IFRS profit as dividends. The company managed to ignore an order to do so in 2016 and paid out just 24% of its IFRS profits, but the cash-strapped government is turning the screws on all state-owned enterprises, and Gazprom is on the front line simply because of the amount of money involved. The 2017-2019 budget that was approved at the end of 2016 assumes a 50% dividend payout from all the state-owned companies, but the government has since said this is a "framework" and a final decision on who pays what will be made in April. A final decision on Gazprom dividends will be made then and if it does comply, then the payout will be in a range of RUB9.4-18.9 per share, offering a current dividend yield of 6.0-12.1%, says Gazprombank."
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