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Important Notes: The scanner will automatically filter any securities from the results that have a current last traded price of zero (0) or that were last traded more than 90 calendar days ago. Quotes may be delayed up to two hours.
Filter the markets according to your own rules with our Scanner!
The Scanner is the perfect tool to check shares, currencies and other securities using over 170 indicators, and to filter the results according to your preference. The results of the Scanner can be displayed as a list or in the Chart Overview and then published in the forum. The Quick Scans will show you the main markets and the most used indicators at a glance. For more information on the Scanner, please click here.

The Scanner!
Do you want to know how the scanner works and how it can be used? Please visit our » help section
Create and use your own Scanner for free!
As a registered user, you can create and store your own scanner. Simply choose a market from the international list, add your own preferred indicators and start the scan. Indicator values can be changed quickly and easily. For more information on the Scanner, please click here. For more information on the benefits of a free account, please click here.