Release Tradesignal Online and Mobile App: New Features for the Forum

We're presenting new features with the latest release of Tradesignal Online, especially for our forum members:
  • Closed Thread owners can now allow users to request to join the closed thread (via the new thread page or the thread settings page). When a thread allows applicants it will appear in the thread lists, and when clicked on will show an introductory text and allow the user to sign up. Board mail will be used to notify all thread owners of an applicant and buttons in the board mail can be used to allow or deny the user. Request and rejection are done using the board mail which means that both participants are acting anonymously.
  • Users can now post charts to the clipboard directly from the toolbox sidebar using the context menu (right click or using the green arrow), so they no longer need to show the chart first.
  • The Tradesignal Online Mobile App is official released including new features like the thread functions. To use the app, please visit www.tradesignalonline.com/mobile with your smartphone.
The optimization for saving edited charts is completed and will be a lot faster.

A complete overview can be found here.