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Frankfurt IPO Costs

Eröffnet von Jassica20 im Board General Discussions

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#1: 10.03.2011 14:00 Jassica20
FseListings.com's fee includes the following services:
  • Assistance in drafting and coordinating a schedule and timeline with everyone involved
  • Due diligence evaluations for the preparation of a prospectus
  • Drafting a securities prospectus for admission to trading on the stock market (where necessary)
  • Preparation of all other documents required for admission to trading and commencement of trading on the regulated market
  • Applying to have your shares admitted to collective custody accounts
  • Joint presentation of the application for the listing of new shares
  • Liaison with the stock exchange
  • Drafting and coordinating publication of any mandatory announcements
  • Application for the start of trading on the stock market

Shares to be listed
Up to 100% of the owners’ shares will be “registered” and become free trading and listed on the
Exchange, but these shares may be subject to a “lock up” agreement for a determined period of time to permit the financing to take place first.

Company Valuation
A company can expect a substantially higher public market valuation than would be attributed to it as a private concern. For example, private companies are typically valued at a multiple of 3 to 5 times EBIT, whereas this same company, in a public market with liquidity of its stock, would have a valuation of 15 to 20 or more times EBIT. And even development stage companies with no revenue or profits often have very high valuations as public companies.
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