Premium Scanner

The Premium Scanner includes additional functions and is available for particularly active users and professional investors. You are able to scan complete markets, therefore you can choose between Germany, USA and Great Britain. Indicators that are written by yourself using the Equilla formula language can be used for the scan. It is possible to configure five independent scanners and save up to five results. Furthermore scheduled scans can be used to generate alerts when new scan conditions are found.

Service Descriptions

The Premium Scanner is prolonged every month automatically and can be terminated on a monthly basis.

Own Symbollists
Beside predefined symbol lists, own lists can be used for the scan.

Own Indicators
Beside predefined indicators own indicators can be used for the scan.

Number of Scans
Five independent scanners can be used.

Exclusive access to the following markets:
  • Stocks Germany
  • Stocks Great Britain
  • Stocks USA
Different Periods
In addition to the daily period, you can also use weekly and monthly data.

Longer Histories
Instead of using only the required amount of data for calculation, you can define your own history length.

Scanner Results
Up to five scan results per scanner are saved automatically.

Scheduling Scans and Notification
Up to four times a day Premium Scanner users can use the scheduling scan functions. They will be notified via email or bordmail when a scan is completed. Furthermore they can decide if they want to be notified after every scan or only after scans with a different scan result to the previous.

Preferential treatment
Preferential treated for Premium Scanner users.

Information on Availability
Please see the relevant clauses in our General Terms of Business.